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The Power of Saying ‘Good Morning’ to Your Virtual Team

It’s a habit. We walk into the office and say, “good morning!” to whoever we pass. But when you’re part of a virtual team, the only people greeting you get each morning are probably your family and your pets.

Greeting your virtual team each morning is one of the best things you can do to boost remote workers’ morale and help them remain productive from home.

Plus, this tiny little phrase we take for granted offers several other powerful benefits, such as:

1. Helping Remote Workers Establish a Routine

While flexibility and an adaptive schedule are among the top reasons people choose to work remotely, that’s not always a benefit for those who prefer routine.

Help your employees at home and in the office establish a consistent routine, starting with a simple “Good morning!” message to your teammates on a daily basis. Doing so encourages them to arrive at work on time physically and mentally (even though the commute may only be a few steps away!).

Additionally, this morning habit also helps managers be accountable for their routine and productivity throughout the day.

2. Planning More Productive Work Days

If your team doesn’t already participate in virtual standing meetings, there’s never been a better time to get started and say, “Good morning,” too.

Morning meetings are an ideal time to touch base with remote teammates, check-in on their tasks, and ask if they’re having difficulty with anything. These meetings are great for planning productive workdays for the entire team by identifying top priorities first thing in the morning.

Hosting morning meetings are also an excellent way to minimize interruptions later in the day as workers get into their groove. There’s nothing worse than that last-minute request to disrupt your workflow.

3. Opening Up Lines of Team Communication

Clear and constant communication is one of the biggest remote work challenges. More than half of remote employees report feeling disconnected from in-office employees, which leads to communication errors and barriers for teams.

A quick “Good morning!” message helps prevent feelings of alienation and isolation from developing and quashes any notion of poor communication at the start of the day. This little phrase encourages employees to speak up and feel heard throughout their workday.

4. Starting the Day on a Positive Note

It’s unrealistic to expect every workday to be bright and cheery. But we can try! And, for those working at home, starting the day with a team meeting and a happy “Good morning!” can mean the difference between just another day at home and a positive one.

You never know whose day you’ll change simply by saying, “Good morning!”

5. Giving Your Team Something to Look Forward to

We’re all guilty of hitting the snooze button more often than we should. Scheduling a regular morning meeting to get the day started is a great way to give your remote team something to look forward to at the beginning of their day.

Even though your team may not work in a physical office together and are mainly connecting virtually, that’s no reason to throw etiquette out the window! Instead, start each day with a “good morning!” greeting and tackle the workday together.

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