Connect With Far-Flung Teams with Streaming Video

Connect With Far-Flung Teams by Streaming Corporate Updates and More

As of 2020, 7 million people — and counting — in the United States worked remotely before COVID-19. With the remote workforce growing by approximately 44% over the last five years, businesses are expanding their search for the right employees by onboarding candidates from all over the globe.

Far-flung teams are distributed across various time zones and use video conferencing, webinars, and other collaborative software to accomplish tasks. However, keeping teams motivated and connected to executive leadership can be a challenge.

4 Ideas to Keep International Teams Motivated and Connected

We can maintain a positive and productive international workforce by implementing some of these ideas:

1. Gather for Company Updates

We’ve found that the best way to keep morale high and communication seamless across employees and teams is to come together for company updates. This can mean live streaming a pre-recorded webcast or virtual event with interactive chat features about new company protocols or finding a mutually agreeable time for everyone to log on for a large video chat meeting about the latest team initiatives.

In doing so, we also allow employees to directly engage with company updates by utilizing key webcasting features such as chatrooms, Q&A sessions, polls, and more. This provides employees with a sense of belonging as they work toward accomplishing the company’s goals together.

2. Encourage Employees to Speak Up

According to Buffer’s 2020 State of Remote Work report, remote employees struggle with collaboration and communication. This challenge is due to varying time zones and a lack of communication from company leadership.

With this in mind, we can institute a company-wide policy of encouraging employees — regardless of location — to feel confident sharing their ideas, offering feedback, and being honest with coworkers and executives. Put this tip into action by encouraging this employee feedback during company update virtual events.

3. Host a Virtual Happy Hour

Employees everywhere need time to relax and get to know their coworkers. Host a virtual happy hour where employees can come and bond with their colleagues without having to discuss office projects or objectives.

4. Embrace One-on-One Video Meetings with Company Leadership

With company leadership and teams that are scattered throughout the world, meeting for a cup of coffee to chat about career goals or company trajectory isn’t possible. However, employees and executives can schedule one-on-one video meetings to chat about everything relevant to the job, professional goals, upcoming projects, and more. Speaking with leadership members encourages employees to stay motivated, productive, and aligned with company initiatives as they move forward with their tasks.

But First, Far-Flung Teams Need the Right Tools to Succeed

To stay motivated and connected regardless of time zone, remote employees must be equipped with tools designed to help them succeed.

Our suite of collaborative tools, including webcasting, video conferencing, and live streaming software, will help your team interact from anywhere in the world. Try it out with your team today.

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