Why Meetings in the Cloud Need Video

Communication is Key: Why Meetings in the Cloud Need Video

Chances are, you’ve experienced this scenario before: Your team is all set up and ready to hop on a conference call with a large audience such as a new client. Nerves are high as you begin the call, but your team is prepared for anything.

That is until the connection is poor and communication proves to be difficult. Or, you find that communicating a particular concept via audio isn’t translating as well as you’d hoped.

Conference calls solved the problem of long-distance business travel in years past, but our needs and technology have advanced. This is why all meetings in the cloud must use video. 58% of businesses today use video conferencing as part of their everyday operations.

On top of improved audio connections, video meetings in the cloud provide advantages such as:

Improved Business Communications

When speaking with a colleague or client, how do you know what they’re feeling or thinking? While they may say it, much of this information is derived from their nonverbal communication.

When talking with a client over the phone, you can’t pick up on those cues solely by listening to their voice. Instead, hosting video conferences over the cloud provides your team with the opportunity to improve communications between clients and customers by responding accordingly to nonverbal cues.

This improved communication through video collaboration also leads to increased productivity and stronger client relationships in the long run.

Use of Visual Aids

If you find that demonstrating a particular aspect of your strategy, product, or service is difficult over the phone, the use of visual aids will help — especially when you need to communicate with a large audience. This can be accomplished by hosting a webcast over the cloud.

You can use webcasts to communicate everything from media for a new campaign to the latest financial reports during an earnings call. The use of video, audio, and visual aids all in one cloud solution makes webcasts the perfect communication tool for businesses.

Reduced Overhead Expenses

In the past, video conferencing with a massive audience required expensive on-site hardware. This video conferencing option also requires the assistance of an IT support team to keep it up and running.

Cloud video conferencing and webcasting options allow your company to invest in improved communications solutions without draining your entire budget.

Plus, solutions such as GlobalMeet Webcast offer completely secure connections without the additional need and expenses for third-party security measures.

Improve Company Communications Over the Cloud with Video

Strengthen your client relationships and overall company communication by using video for your meetings over the cloud. PGi’s GlobalMeet platform can help you securely and seamlessly collaborate with clients and colleagues over video.

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