Optimize Your Webcast for Lead Generation and Increased Sales

Optimize Your Webcast for Lead Generation and Increased Sales

If you’re hosting a webcast for lead generation and sales, you want to do everything you can to make it worthwhile. That includes not just creating compelling content, but also:

  • Training and preparing your team and presenters
  • Make sure your technology is ready to run a secure, seamless webcast
  • Putting together the right promotions
  • Following up with leads after the webcast to increase sales

Marketing expert and blogger Neil Patel notes that typically, only 5% to 15% of your selected audience registers for your webcast. Up to 45% of those people may actually attend, and from there, you can expect about 36% to buy what you’re marketing.

Fortunately, there are ways to increase your conversion rate for better lead generation and more sales. For starters, finding the right technology makes a big difference.

Choose the Best Technology for Your Webcast

GlobalMeet Webcast enables you to use data from past webcasts to create the most effective content. Use the data you have available to help craft buyer personas of your ideal audience. You may also survey your social media follows, current customers, and members of your email list to discover their pain points, problems, and what they are looking for from your brand.

Create a Landing Page That Addresses What Your Ideal Audience Wants

With information about your ideal customers in hand, create a landing page that speaks directly to how your webcast can help solve their problems. GlobalMeet Webcast makes it easy to set up a custom, branded webcast page for registrations.

Your landing page should include:

  • Optimized description and title using the right keywords
  • A video that describes your event
  • Testimonials from attendees of past events (or, if this is your first webcast, from satisfied customers)
  • Speaker bios
  • Emphasize that spots are limited and that there is a deadline to register

Optimize Your “Thank You” Page

Once you get people to register, you want to re-emphasize the benefits of your event. Remember, less than half the people who register for a webcast actually attend. Your confirmation page should include all the specific details, including the date, time, and an option for attendees to add the event to their calendar.

Promote Your Webcast via Paid and Organic Channels

Use the marketing tools at your disposal, including Google AdWords, social media, paid social, and email marketing, to drive people to your landing page. Take advantage of tactics such as Facebook look-alike audiences to attract people who fit the buyer persona you created.

Focus on Follow-Ups

After the event, don’t let those leads getaway. Follow up via an email campaign with a link to review the content on-demand after the event. Your follow-up email should include a special offer, such as a discount, for event attendees.

But don’t neglect those who registered and didn’t attend, which could make up more than 50% of interested parties. Offer a live replay to give them a second chance. You should also make materials available on-demand for those who want to view them on a more flexible schedule.

Having a clear vision of your audience can take the guesswork out of your next webcast. And GlobalMeet Webcast can take the stress out of running your webcast, with options for do-it-yourself events and fully managed services.

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