Hosting a Virtual Summit

Hosting a Virtual Summit

If you’re looking to increase engagement during your webcasts and promote your brand in a new and exciting way, it might be time to consider hosting a virtual summit. A virtual summit brings people from different companies and organizations together to discuss similar topics.

These events give your audience a chance to hear people’s perspectives outside your organization, which can validate your brand. Position your company as an expert, connected with other great minds and influencers in your industry.

You may even consider turning your virtual summit into a series, presenting weekly or monthly events where you hear from different people. Or, you can go all-out for a big, annual extravaganza. For instance, SEMRush presented Global Marketing Day, hosting 50 speakers and attracting 50,000 attendees. Content consulting firm Hawke Media hosted eCommerce Week LA 2021. Despite listing a location in its name, it was an entirely virtual event that highlighted how some of the best and coolest brands are successfully marketing themselves online.

How do you begin to produce a virtual summit? First, determine how ambitious you want to be and then develop a content plan around the length and size of the event.

Book Multiple Talks and Interviews into Half a Day, One Day, or Even More

A successful virtual summit can span anywhere from half a day, with four or five powerful speakers presenting for 40 minutes each, to a full work week. If you’re planning a full-day event, make sure to include a few stretch breaks so that audience members who are fully engaged don’t have to miss a minute.

You may want to also plan a 45-minute lunch break. You can leave the audience chat room open for networking while people eat their meals at home, in their office, or wherever they might be.

Some events take time between speakers to get people up and dancing, field audience questions, or just get everyone cheering to build up the event’s energy and generate excitement.

Add a Panel Discussion to Hear from Multiple Voices

When you line up awesome, insightful guests, you want to give them every opportunity they can to share their wisdom. Consider a panel discussion to break up keynote speeches, demos, and presentations. A panel discussion allows multiple viewpoints to be shared at once and can generate audience interaction as you take questions from attendees.

Spend Time on Branding to Develop a Consistent Style

The most successful webcasts and virtual summits have a consistent style. When people see it, they know they are looking at a webcast from your brand. Take time to develop a branding guide that includes acceptable and consistent fonts, logos, colors, and styles.

If you’re hosting a series of events, they should follow a consistent format. While you don’t want the different sessions to get boring, you do want audience members to have an idea of what they can expect with each one.

Let GlobalMeet Webcast help you ensure your virtual summit is eye-catching, engaging, and features consistent branding, from your promotional emails to the on-demand content you share after the event.

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