Michael K.

Graphic Artist and Front-End Engineer with over 15 years experience in the fast-pace world of communications and marketing.

Using Webcast for Crisis Management

Asian man sitting at desk looking at tablet

In a post-pandemic world, the implications of crisis management have changed. While crisis planning may have seemed like a futile exercise in the past, the COVID-19 pandemic showed that an unforeseen event could change the world in an instant. This can include pandemics, but also earthquakes, fires, terrorist activity, floods, and data breaches. Any one of these occurrences calls for …

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The Fundamentals of a Successful Virtual Event

Smiling Woman Waist Up

In the past, business people did most of their connecting and networking in person. Looking each other in the eye and shaking hands were seen as the only real ways to make a connection. However, with advancements in technology virtual events and meetings can be just as engrossing and provide an equal amount of opportunities to interact with others. Holding …

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What are the Benefits of Webcast for the Global Enterprise?

GlobalMeet Webcast for Enterprise

What Are the Benefits of Webcast for the Global Enterprise? Positioning yourself as a global enterprise includes catering to interested parties around the world who want to find out more about your services. Finding ways to connect with these people regardless of their location can be a powerful step forward for your company and extend your reach far beyond your …

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