Have you ever gone home after a long day, logged on to Netflix and were met with the perpetual buffering bar of death? There’s nothing more frustrating than being delayed by a loading symbol when trying to catch up on your favorite show. Chances are that the deferment in your video loading is probably due to the high traffic of people, just like you, ending their day with a Netflix binge.

Similarly, in business today, companies who are constantly meeting, communicating, sharing videos and streaming content often run into quality issues when broadband is stretched. Bandwidth and high-traffic concerns are just some of the problems that IT professionals face in today’s collaborative world, filled with managing global Town Halls and streaming video conferences. In fact, a recent study shows that over 75 percent of workers in large organizations will interact with video more than three times throughout their day.

To make things easier, PGi has compiled some best practices in to a checklist, Maximizing Broadband While Running HD Video in the Workplace, to help you get the most out of your streaming capabilities.