GlobalMeet Webcast Case Study: Big Shoulders Digital Video Production Leverages Webcasting Solution

Big Shoulders Digital Video Production (BSDVP) is a full-service video production company based in Chicago, IL. They were seeing an influx of customers requesting webcasting and broadcasting services in addition to on-site video production for high-profile events.

With so many ways that events can go sideways, BSDVP leverages webcasting technology like GlobalMeet Webcast to ensure their event broadcasting is done properly. Each video production client has different requirements, and GlobalMeet Webcast has the features to accommodate a variety of needs.

“To put it simply: the tech and the team are easy to work with. GlobalMeet Webcast makes broadcasting events stress-free. The platform is completely scalable, so it can handle any audience size.”
Brad Fox, Vice President, Partner at Big Shoulders Digital Video Production


Download the full case study to learn more about how Big Shoulders Digital Video Production uses GlobalMeet Webcast to broadcast events.

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