Sharing is Caring

Stop having audio-only conference calls and take advantage of GlobalMeet® Collaboration’s screen sharing software.

The Power of Screen Sharing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then screen sharing is one of the most important things you can do during your online meetings. With GlobalMeet Collaboration, you can share your screen and use audio from your desktop.

Share Screen Options

Choose what you want to share whether your full screen, a single program or a presentation file.

Switching Presenters

Anyone can present on a meeting. No requesting needed. Simply click on the screen share button.

Quality Output

Take advantage of free screen sharing with high-definition resolution for up to 125 participants.


People can’t attend the meeting live? Screen share while you record, so attendees don’t miss a thing.

Simultaneous Screen Share

You don’t have to choose between sharing your webcam and screen sharing, do both with GlobalMeet Collaboration.

File Storage

Upload presentations into GlobalMeet Collaboration storage and share your screen or share a saved file.

GlobalMeet Collaboration offers more than easy-to-use, free screen share capabilities. With comprehensive meeting, collaboration and conferencing features, thousands of businesses world wide trust GlobalMeet for quality meetings and feature-rich functionality. Discover everything that GlobalMeet Collaboration has to offer.

How it Works​

When you join a meeting with GlobalMeet Collaboration, you’ll notice meeting controls at the bottom of your screen. Simply click on the computer screen and start screen sharing free. You have the option to share your full screen and navigate between programs, share a specific program or even share a saved file within the GlobalMeet platform. If another attendee needs to screen share, switching controls is seamless. They simply click on the screen share button and they are ready to go, no promoting or permissions needed.

Why Screen Share

Screen sharing helps everyone get on the same page fast. With free screen sharing capabilities, everyone can look at the same information during the conversation instead of different versions of the truth. Not only does screen sharing save you valuable time but also alleviates confusion during online meetings. Often it’s easier to share screens to resolve an issue than sending multiple emails or having a long, drawn out phone call. Outside of making your meetings more productive, you can also use free screen sharing to host educational and training sessions, presentations and sales demos too.

Useful Screen Sharing Tips

Share What You Want

You can share a specific file or program so that your attendees don’t see your emails, documents or that desktop picture you took at the beach.

Have Documents Ready

If you’re screen sharing a document, be sure to have it ready. There is nothing worse than watching someone try to find and open a document.

Turn Off Notifications

If you’re sharing your full screen instead of a single document, then you’ll want to turn off your notifications. You don’t want everyone reading your messages!

Use Dual Monitors

Have two monitors? Use them when you’re screen sharing. You can share your screen on one monitor and use the other to organize your notes.

Screen Sharing Frequently Asked Questions

Screen sharing is when the presenter shares their screen or a presentation file so that attendees can view their screen in real-time.

GlobalMeet Collaboration supports screen sharing via the browser, the desktop app and the mobile app.

Anyone can screen share during your meeting. The great news is you don’t have to do anything. When your participant is ready to share their screen, all they have to do is click the screen share button.

Yes, screen sharing works in the GlobalMeet Collaboration desktop app. You can share your screen or view other participants screens easily. If you’re in the GlobalMeet Collaboration mobile app, then you will only be able to view other people’s screens.

Free screen sharing is included in our all GlobalMeet Collaboration plans. You can get started today for free with our Basic plan.

You can screen share with up to 125 participants at the same time by clicking the share screen button.

Getting everyone on the same ‘screen’ is easy as long as GlobalMeet Collaboration’s screen sharing feature is involved.

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