The GlobalMeet® Webcast with Socialive Experience

Together, PGi and Socialive are empowering customers with the most complete enterprise-grade video production and management solution on the market today. We can help you create and deliver amazing webcasts that unleash rich communication.

With Socialive, PGi is Helping Clients Create and Deliver More Dynamic Video Content

Socialive’s self-serve video content creation platform is the fastest, easiest way to create studio-quality video. With Studio in the Cloud, any team member can be a video producer, regardless of expertise. The Virtual Green Room is easy and effortless for presenters – but with the controls and power of a live TV studio for producers. 

Present Anytime, Anywhere with PGi & the Socialive Mobile App

Presenters can join with the Socialive mobile app and capture the highest quality content anywhere, anytime. Together, GlobalMeet® Webcast and Socialive deliver new ways for enterprises and organizations to engage with their audiences and deliver results.

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Experience and Technology Matters

With GlobalMeet® Webcast and Socialive, you can create awesome looking virtual events boosting what matters – audience engagement to maximize your ROI.
  • Rely on our 20+ years of delivering high profile events
  • Going live can be hard when you have to make everything look good and run smoothly – but we make content creation easy and fun again
  • Our consultative event experts are here to lighten the load – let us take on the pressure so you can focus on making memorable and impactful connections with your attendees
  • Spend less time worried about the back-end and more time focused on creating the most compelling events imaginable
  • Enjoy a consistent technology experience for events of all sizes and types – small events, big events, live events, on-demand events, and all the snackable marketing content in-between

Produce Compelling Video Content that Brings Your Events to Life.

GlobalMeet® Webcast provides organizations with an easy-to-use, secure and scalable environment to produce high-profile, engaging webcasts, while Socialive gives users the ability to create high-caliber, engaging video content. The integrated solution enables users to produce content with customized, fully branded experiences, multi-presenter layouts, and on-screen graphics that can unlock powerful calls to action.
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Produce and Broadcast Winning Events with the GlobalMeet® Webcast and Socialive Integration

The combined capabilities give users the power to create and broadcast studio-quality content before, during and after an event. Along with up leveling the production of the event itself with high-definition video mixed with images, slides and dynamic layouts, the combined solution can now be leveraged to utilize video for pre-event promotion as well.  Post-event consumable video can also be brought to life for podcasts, email, social and demand generation to name a few.


  • 100% browser-based access with no downloads or plugins
  • Fully customizable registration experience
  • Web Portals for managing multi-day, multi-track events and associated content
  • Graphics and brand overlays at your fingertips and the ability to pre-set your entire production for peace of mind
  • The Virtual Green Room makes it easy and effortless for presenters to experience the power of the live studio

During Event

  • Simplified experience for producers and guests
  • Visually stunning and professional look and feel, keeping your audience engaged
  • Crystal clear audio empowering presenters to deliver their message with complete confidence
  • Real-time audience engagement and insight with Q+A, polls, surveys and audience chat
  • Highly secure, scalable delivery of an elevated video experience with a capacity of 70K plus


  • HD isolated recordings 
  • Repurpose event highlight clips with powerful calls to action in post-event marketing projects with easy editing tools
  • Robust and insightful analytics measuring content consumption for a deeper level of engagement

Socialive for GlobalMeet Webcast

Take your event content experiences to the next level boosting engagement and impact and sign up today for a demo of GlobalMeet Webcast with Socialive.

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