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Everything’s better when it’s free, which is why we’ve gathered our complete inventory of free collaboration eBooks for you! Here are some resources that you’ll need for a brighter future in business collaboration — how-to guides, industry data, noteworthy trends, strategies and more!

Choosing Dedicated Tool for Virtual Events

Time to Get Real: Choosing a Dedicated Tool for Your Online Events

For many organizations, large-scale in person events are becoming a thing of the past. The ability to communicate virtually for corporate town halls, shareholder meetings, …

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Digital Communications: Early Adopter Study

PGi’s Early Adopter Study was fielded before the widespread outbreak of COVID-19 significantly disrupted the marketplace and altered the current work experience, perhaps permanently. While …

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2019 Future of Business Communication: Communication Elevated

Digital transformation is impacting every aspect of the business, but perhaps none so more than communication. By breaking down silos and increasing collaboration, communication is …

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eBook: How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Web Event

Web events are an excellent communications technology for businesses that want to cost effectively get their message out to a large, often global audience. Sometimes, …

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Future of Business Collaboration

Digital transformation is inevitable and the use of digital tools have become a staple in how we conduct our daily, hyper-connected lives – especially in …

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IT superheroes

IT Superheroes eBook

Like the hallowed superheroes of your childhood, every IT team is equipped with a number of different heroes who you can depend on to save …

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IT Insight Series: When IT is Agile

In this edition of our IT Insight Series, we’ll dig into the critical challenges and the substantial opportunities that IT are facing as their organizations …

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5 Worst Webinar Mistakes eBook

Nothing is worse than a webinar with crickets, glitches and awkward moments. Get your free eBook, “The 5 Worst Webinar Mistakes You’re Making (And How …

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work eBook

The key to business success into today’s collaborative culture is, without a doubt, harnessing teamwork. However, teams face growing challenges to cohesion as work styles …

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Presentation Playbook: The Xs & Os of Winning Presentations

Create a winning presentation with exciting new advice, tips and techniques to help your big idea score big in the boardroom. Sneak Peek from …

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The Little Black Book of Presentation Ideas

Go from dull to daring with this step-by-step guide for creating dynamic, engaging presentations using the newest technology and mind-blowing techniques. Download The Little Black …

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