Virtual Events that Inspire & Connect Audiences

Plan, manage and execute your business’s most important moments using GlobalMeet® Webcast, the most secure and reliable virtual events platform.

Broadcast. Stream. Webcast. Meet. Collaborate.

We have everything you need to get work done in a secure environment. 

Streaming & On-Demand Events

GlobalMeet Webcast provides industry-leading virtual event software solutions for your webcasting and webinar needs.

Online Meetings & Collaboration

GlobalMeet Collaboration elevates your online meeting needs with superb audio, web and video capabilities.

Customer Testimonials

We Have You Covered for All Your Workplace Needs

Simple, Intuitive User Interface

Comprehensive Recording

Easy-to-Use Mobile App

Easy-to-Use Screen Sharing

HD Video Streaming

High Event Capacity

澳洲幸运8开奖历史查询-官网开奖直播 Detailed Analytics & Reporting

Unparalleled Security & Support

Integrations with Existing Software

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Elevate Your Virtual Town Halls with the Right Technology

When you’re trying to keep employees and stakeholders in the loop, virtual town halls can be a cost-conscious, eco-friendly, and effective way to do so.

Increase Event Attendance with Hybrid Events

Many companies adopted virtual events as a last resort to stay in touch with customers, shareholders, and industry members during the pandemic. But are virtual events here to stay?

Hybrid Events & How They Work Best for Business

If you’re hosting hybrid events for business, it’s important to ensure that all attendees have an equally engaging experience and the same opportunities to offer feedback.


Wondering which GlobalMeet product is right for you? Reach out. We are always here to help.

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